Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) will be putting out another bid for a solar energy project for Palau according to President Remengesau at this week’s press conference.

Remengesau reiterated that PPUC had bidded out the project before using the service of GridMarket and that 60 bids were submitted.  Out of 60, 6 were selected and came to Palau and met with the leadership.  Out of the 6, Engie was selected by PPUC.

Asked whether he was aware of an offer by Vietnam to provide a similar project at the cost of $40 million, President Remengesau said no and that as far as he was aware, no such offer has been made to PPUC.

“We have a scope of what we want so who ever bids, will have to meet or exceed those already offered,” added Remengesau.

Remengesau added that whoever bids has to offer the same terms, putting up the money, built the project in one year, and offer same or better rate than the project proposal from Engie.

In addition to PPUC putting out the bid again, the draft PEA regulations is being circulated for comments.