Five (5) out of the seven (7) Palau Visitors Authority Board members’ terms have expired, leaving two (2) current members, Minister Ngirai Tmetuchl (who is also Board Chairman) and Alan Marbou, on the board.

According to Minister Tmetuchl, a letter was sent to President Surangel Whipps Jr. on January 17th advising him of the vacancies on the PVA board.

“Instructions to the board before that date have been that there will be changes to the PVA.  President has said he will discuss details upon his return,” said Minister Tmetuchl.

When asked whether PVA can continue operations without a board quorum, Minister Tmetuchl, as PVA Chairman, said, “Budget for PVA is approved for the new FY in October. PVA is following that budget and will not deviate until new board members are appointed or legislation is passed.  [The] board of 2 is not making any changes to work plans already budgeted for this FY, which ends in September.”

Furthermore, Chairman Tmetuchl said, “my management style is to set annual work plans, let management run them. I check progress and solve unanticipated problems and add to work plans when additional funding is available to support the programs.”

President Whipps earlier said that some boards need to be re-assessed for their relevance and efficiency. He said that some boards’ responsibilities should be incorporated under the ministries, citing both Palau Visitors Authority and Environmental Quality Protection boards as examples.

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