By: L.N. Reklai

Calling on the Election Commission to remove names of persons in the Voters Registry who registered to vote outside of Palau, Senator Joel Toribiong demands Election Commission adhere strictly to the law.

The letter further requested the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General to give their legal opinion on the issue before the Primary Election on September 27th.


“I believe the law requires that a citizen of the Republic of Palau who is qualified to vote may register to vote only in Palau as required by our election law, which specifies the “place of registering and voting”, stated Senator Toribiong.

Citing 23 PNC Section 1401 (a), Toribiong states the law requires every person qualified to vote, to register to vote “in the administrative district in which he resides”.  Subsection(b) provides that the Election Commission “shall designate such place or places within each election district wherein registration of voters may be made”.

“Our election laws describe the word “district” as geographical sections of Palau where voting takes place.  I urge you to adopt this position,” stated Toribiong in his letter to Acting Chairman Elliot Udui of the Election Commission.

Toribiong urges immediate action, otherwise he will seek resolution in the court.  “I shall have no choice but seek resolution of this matter in the court of law.” [/restrict]