By: L.N. Reklai

A year and four months after she has gone missing, still not information has surfaced of her whereabouts. The previous reward of $5,000 for information on missing Jaycee Soto has increased to $10,000.


Ms. Jaycee Iyar Soto went missing around September 17-18, 2016.  She was last seen with her estranged husband Inis Remoket at around 3:00am to 3:30am at parking lot of Palau Supreme Courthouse located at Medalaii across from the Bureau of Public Works building riding in a black 4 door sedan Skyline.

She was seen wearing long sleeve shirt with dark color skinny jeans and knee high ladies boots.

She is 5 feet two inches tall, 168 lbs with light skin, shoulder length hair and brown eyes.

In January of 2017, her estranged husband Inis Remoket was arrested and charged for her murder even though no body has been found.

In July of 2017, government moved to dismiss the case against Remoket for lack of enough evidence to prove crime occurred beyond reasonable doubt.

Anyone with information regarding this missing person, may call SA Marlon Bechab  at 775-4689 or Director Ismael Aguon at 775-3339 or Narcotics Enforcement Agency at 488-4952. [/restrict]