Agreeing to having a more issue driven 10th Senate

By: L.N. Reklai

Ten senator-elects met yesterday for a meet and greet meeting called by sitting Senate President Camsek E. Chin.

In attendance were Senator Camsek Chin, Senator Rukebai Inabo, Senator Mark Rudimch, Senator Mason N. Whipps, Senator Phillip Reklai, Senator Regis Akitaya, Senator Uduch Sengebau-Senior, senator-elect Dr. Stevenson Kuartei, senator-elect Kerai Mariur and senator-elect John Skebong. Senator-elect and Delegate Frank Kyota was off-island, senator-elect Aric Nakamura was not able to attend due to other meeting and Senator Hokkons Baules said he would not attend.


The purpose of the meeting according to the letter sent out to all senator-elects of the 10th OEK is to have a meet-and-greet between all the senator-elects, the incumbents who got re-elected and the new ones coming in.
“We agreed that we all needed to get to know each other, since we will be working together for the next four years.  We agreed to take a look at the roles and descriptions of the committees and select the ones we feel we can greatly contribute to or ones that fit our skills-sets,” reported Senator Uduch Sengebau Senior.

The senator-elects did not organize and did not select committees.  They agreed to do this at the next meeting scheduled for December 12.  “We all believe that that each senator-elect should be part of the selection process,” stated Senator Senior.

Each senator-elect spoke in turn expressing his or her view of the 10th Senate, how it should be in their view.  Each one brings a slightly different perspective to the table.  Senator –elect Skebong calls for greater unity “ta kedul a ureor”, whereas senator-elect Dr. Kuartei focused on the work that need to be done and senator-elect Kerai Mariur brings a wealth of experience and know-how from both Executive branch and legislative branch to the table.

“We all agreed that we will work together for the betterment of Palau.  We may debate and differ in opinions but it all must be issue driven.  We believe this may be a better Senate than the 9th Senate,” added Senior.

The senator-elects agreed that they did not need to rush to organize and to take their time and come up with the best decision with everyone’s input.

“The challenge we all agree on is that we must find ways to work with the House of Delegates because at the end of the day, we are one branch and must work together,” said Senator Uduch Senior. [/restrict]