Cable project on schedule, expected services in December

By: L.N. Reklai

June 5, 2017 (Ngeremlengui,Palau)  Symbolic gesture of handing over the cable project to all stakeholders, was held yesterday at the Ngeremlengui Cable Landing Station site.


Marking one of the key milestones of Palau submarine cable project, the laying of the shore-end of the cable from the landing station to the end of Ngeremlengui channel passage tick off two of the six major milestones in the cable network construction, the Cable Landing Station and shore-end of the cable.

The symbol was received by Ngirturong John Sugiyama, the high chief of Ngeremlengui State that hosts the landing site and passed on to key partners and implementers of the project.  George Rechucher, the Chairman of the Belau Submarine Cable Corporation received the symbol and passed it on to Vice President Raynold Oilouch representing the Republic.  Symbol was passed at the end to Shania Samuel, a student symbolizing the future of Palau explained Governor Mary Frances Remengesau of Ngeremlengui.

Other stakeholders represented were Mr. Toru Kawauchi of NEC Corporation, the turnkey contractor to submarine cable network, Surangel Whipps Sr. of Surangel & Sons Co., BSCC’s contractor for Cable Landing Site civil works and subcontractor for NEC, Richard Misech, BSCC PMU Engineer and Alfonsa Koshiba, ADB Representative.

Chairman Rechucher outlined project’s current status noting four remaining milestones. Project is on schedule with completion of Cable Landing Station expected at the end of June.

Early August, cable for Palau and FSM spurs will be loaded to Cable Ship KDDI Pacific Link.  End of August, the spur being laid from Philippines to connect to Yap, will be connected to this shore-end cable outside of Ngeremlengui channel. Testing is expected to be completed by early November.  Services should be available through service providers in December.

Connection of the submarine cable project is greatly anticipated by the people of Palau as means of stimulating economic growth, upgrading education and health standards and upgrading Palau’s telecommunication capabilities to that of many developed nations. [/restrict]