State Minister Faustina Rehuher-Marugg speaking before the media at a press conference. (File Photo)

Plight of Palauan citizens stuck in the Philippines is becoming more stressful as COVID-19 situation in the Philippines worsen and restrictions tighten up according report to the Minister of State Faustina Rehuher-Marugg by Palau Embassy in the Philippines.

Keith Sugiyama, Charge ‘d Affairs at the Palau Embassy in Manila reported that Palau citizens, 5 patients, 2 patient escorts, 1 government employee, 10 students and one Palauan citizen are under increasing pressure as Philippine government applies restrictions to address COVID-19 transmission.

Sugiyama said that more concerning are the stranded students and residents that wish to come home.  Of the 10 students, 4 are in Cebu and 6 are in Cavite.  There is also one stranded resident in Cebu.

With the country on lockdown with no commercial flights, no domestic air, sea or land travel, and quarantine passes required to leave home, dorm or residence, the students are placed under more stress.

Schools have all cancelled graduations, extended suspension of classes or cancelled remainder of school year. Students are stuck in the dorm or university apartments and have to order food and hygiene products to be delivered to them which is placing them under financial stress.

Even if the students travel from Cebu to Manila, they are required to have health clearance and entry clearance, quarantine passes, health certificate saying they’ve been asymptomatic for past 14 days or tested negative and need LGU clearance from Manila local government prior being allowed entry.

The Embassy reports that they expect more request for assistance as lockdowns continue with no evidence of improvements.

Meanwhile Philippines number of confirmed COVID-19 cases as of yesterday was11,876, with 790 deaths and 2,337 recoveries.