On Dec 15th, Counselor Jason Huang of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy made a donation of $1,800 to the Ebiil Society in support for the environmental education in Palau.

Ebiil Society started in 2005 as a nonprofit organization, aiming to promote environmental protection and proper management of natural resources using indigenous knowledge. Ebiil Camp was established as medium for such training and education.


The programs of the Ebiil Camp had started by targeting youth participants from Ngarchelong, but soon became a national program with participants from all over Palau. The camp has also grown international by accepting students from Tazukayama University in Japan.

Nowadays, teachers, researchers, and science experts from other agencies cooperate with Ebiil Society and share their experiences in promoting environmental education.

Ann Singeo, the Executive Director of Ebiil Society, thanked the Taiwan Embassy’s support for Ebiil Society and welcomed the staff of the Embassy to visit the Ebiil Camp to see how the conservation of the environment can be educated through ethnic knowledge on nature and culture.

Like Palau, Taiwan is also a victim of the climate change and has taken every action to protect the environment. Taiwan Embassy is pleased to support the Ebiil Society to promote the environmental education in Palau. [/restrict]