By: L.N. Reklai

September 29, 2016 (Taiwan) Typhoon Megi clocking at 130 miles per hour was the 3rd powerful typhoon to hit Taiwan within this month.

Four deaths are reported as result of the typhoon and the government shut down for 2 days, power went out in some places, flooding and damages to agriculture is evident in most of southern Taiwan.


Despite such devastation, particularly after 3 typhoons in a row, the main city of Taipei and other counties and cities were back to normal in 2 days time, with cleaning and assessment of damages by local and national government.

“We have learned to be prepared for such events.  Our response time and preparedness help to minimize damage to our country.  Still this will be costly, especially to the agricultural sector,” stated Deputy Secretary-General Shih-Chung Liu of Tainan City Government.

“We are used to typhoons but so many happening so closely is a global phenomena, climate change.  We are better prepared than most I guess because we have been dealing with them a lot.”

With harsher and more frequent weather events around the world and especially Pacific islands, lessons learned from the Republic of China (Taiwan) can be life saving for many vulnerable states. [/restrict]