United Nations representatives engaged in a high-level dialogue with different Palau government and non-government agencies to be able to develop an action plan that is specific to Palau to help it in meeting its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

United Nations resident coordinator and United Nations Development Program resident representative in the Pacific, Sanaka Samarasinha, said in an interview that the dialogue is part of the reformed process that is being implemented by the UN starting this year.

Through the dialogue, the UN will develop a specific action plan for the year 2020 to ensure that the international body “makes a difference to the people of Palau,” Samarasinha said.

Among the things brought up in the dialogue included climate action, disaster risk reduction, adaptation, and resilience, according Samarasinha divulged.

Palau’s Natural Resources, Environment, and Tourism Minister Umich Sengebau, who co-chaired the dialogue, said that the event was a “wonderful opportunity” for any country to be able to articulate their specific needs to the UN.

The high-level dialogue with UN in Palau started with a technical consultation meeting with implementing partners on October 7 and concluded on October with a meeting with government agencies. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)