The United States announced that it is partnering with Palau and other Pacific Island countries to advance ocean mapping projects.

The announcement was in the Roadmap for a 21st-Century U.S.-Pacific Island Partnership following the first US and Pacific Island countries summit.

Although the details of the partnership have not been laid out in detail, the roadmap said the Ocean mapping  “ will be used to make informed decisions about how to use ocean resources sustainably.”

Palau and US  hosted the 7th Our Ocean Conference in April with 410 commitments worth $16.35 billion.   

At the Our Ocean Conference, one of the commitments were in the amount of USD 8.3 Million to Support Ocean Observing, Mapping, and Exploration Efforts.

Palau has long advocated for ocean-based solutions to combat climate change.

In the Declaration of the U.S.-Pacific Partnership, following the summit, the US promised to   “continue to play a leading role in accelerating global efforts to combat the climate crisis in this decisive decade, recognizing the existential threats this crisis presents to the Pacific Islands.”

It has pledged to address climate challenges in the Pacific with an investment of over $130 million in substantial resourcing, support, and partnerships, and leverage an additional $400 million in private financing. (Island Times)

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