Koror, Palau – ON October 30, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Assistant Administrator for Asia Michael Schiffer announced USAID’s support to three civil society organizations in partnership with the Pacific Community (SPC) as part of its Pacific People Advancing Change program.

Through funding and technical assistance, USAID aims to bolster these local organizations to achieve their advocacy objectives:

  • Belau Class of 84 will develop baseline information about the risks and issues that persons with mental health challenges or intellectual disabilities face in the 16 states of Palau. Based on their findings, they will increase the access of such persons to existing government services.    
  • Peleliu Pride will increase youth awareness of traditional Palauan fishing methods and other life skills. They will support 10 youths to become traditional knowledge mentors to strengthen intergenerational learning in Peleliu State.  In addition, they will support the Peleliu State Youth Council’s efforts to become a legal entity. 
  • The Belau Network of NGOs (BANGO) will provide information about existing gender-based violence response services to five community-based organizations and their members in Palau.  They will increase awareness about the 775 VOCA (GBV and free from harm hotline) so that more citizens in need can access the services available.

Assistant Administrator Schiffer met with representatives of SPC and the three organizations during his visit to Palau to as part of a multi-country visit to boost USAID’s expansion in the region. Schiffer and USAID/Pacific Islands Mission Director Zema Semunegus are meeting with government representatives as well as partners to discuss in depth how specific countries’ development goals are incorporated in the Blue Pacific 2050 Strategy and how we can partner together on specific development issues.

Notes to Editors:

USAID is the world’s premier international development agency. In the Pacific Islands region, USAID advances disaster risk reduction and resilience, strengthens health systems and health security, promotes economic growth and digital connectivity, and uplifts good governance. Follow USAID in the Pacific Islands on Facebook  and Twitter.

SPC’s Pacific People Advancing Change program supports community organizations across the Pacific. In addition to support from USAID it is funded by the European Union and Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  

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