Remember that shadows are just as important as the lights. –Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

When you’re sick and go see the doctor, she first asks you to stick out your tongue. Why? Because the tongue can reveal a lot about what’s going on inside your body.

In the Book of Songs of Solomon I read these words: Your lips are like a scarlet ribbon; your mouth is lovely… your lips drip sweetness as the honeycomb, my bride; milk and honey are under your tongue. I read this book to understand sacred relationship is about whether it’s marriage as a bride or our relationship with our Maker as His Bride. In this case: Both male and female. It is a sacred relationship. We were created for relationships – love relationships. So in my healing journey I asked God to heal the damaged emotions, cognitive distortions and other mental disorders – conscious or unconscious. The beauty is God shows you what to deal with when you’re ready.

Just as God promised his people to deliver them from Bondage of slavery to the Promised land of milk and honey, so are we from being slavery to freedom – a place of milk and honey. In dealing with honey, the bee stings too. With milk, they spoil if not properly preserved. It’s all in the perspective.

My first order of the day was to work on trying to speak words that are tender and sweet… like milk and honey. I bought a bag of caramel candies to remind me of milk and honey. Caramel’s basic ingredients are milk and honey. The thing to remember is the more you are healed, the more the trials. Naturally people will know you in their memory. They refuse to see you as you have grown and mature. They see you as they remember, not as you are presently. Ironically, it’s because they have not grown and they see the world from an immature world.

A developed and expanded mind is our goal… you can pray about it as you present your issues to God… to see beauty in the mud and find reflections of light in the puddles. And renew our minds with this truth on how heaven sees us and practice awareness of every movement in the brain before words leave the tongue. I keep track of my behaviors and thoughts by journaling… keeping track of the journey. Changing from being reactive (impulse) to proactive (stay in that space between a stimuli and a response). This is the journey to the land of milk and honey…. it took 40 years for Israelites to go around the mountain, before crossing the Jordan. Because we are the most forgetful species in the universe, we learn to be patient and kind to ourselves when we slip and slide.

We all have our secrets, bones in the closet, and dirt under our fingernails. They’re there and God knows them well; he still love you without judgment. It took me a while to name each one to God even to this day, without fear of rejection. Remember it is a journey, not a destination. In our journey to wholeness, our shadows are just as important part of who we are just as our lights are.

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