A 69 year-old Chinese lady was attacked and mauled by two dogs on May 14th after she and two male Bangladeshi farm workers were returning from harvesting in nearby field in Ngerikiil, Airai at around 5pm.
Report from the police said that they were passing a neighboring residence when the two dogs attacked and mauled the Chinese lady.
The victim suffered serious bites to her face and arms which left some skin and meat tissues dangling from her wounds. She was transported to the hospital for treatment while the case is under investigation, revealed Director Ishmael Aguon from the Bureau of Public Safety.
According to one of the residents of the area, the dogs are always tied up and somehow broke loose and they attacked.
“If it wasn’t for the Bangladeshi guys, they would have killed the woman,” said the resident who doesn’t want to be named.
“A kidi telmechem el imol beluu. A ki medakt a kuk lemengai okul el mel bengchid kid ma rengeleked,” said the Ngerikiil resident. (The whole place is staying in place. We are scared if their chains come off again and they bites us and our children.) (By: L.N. Reklai)

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