During the weekend of March 24 to 26, the Palau NOC in partnership with Ucheliuar Youth Organization of Angaur with sports federations of Palau Swimming Association, Palau Basketball Federation, and Chelechad ra Barebor aka Palau Volleyball Federation hosted a weekend event of South Shore Beach Games in Angaur.  The aim of the program was to introduce basic sports fundamental skills to youths in States and also bring awareness of the Olympic programs and Olympic Values.  The Office of the Governor of Angaur supported the program by providing the Center for participants’ accommodation; and Angaur community members, families and friends provided support by helping with food arrangements, transportation and participating in the activities. 

The Ucheliuar Youth Organization were the key partner organizers ensuring all logistics arrangements and the day-to-day program and activities were implemented.  There was a total of about 30 plus participants of youths and athletes ranging ages from 4years old to 30years old.  The sports that were introduced were swimming, basketball and volleyball.  Mrs. Judy Otto of Palau Swimming Association, coached about 2.5hours of introduction to swimming and a mini competitions and fun swim event for the youths.  After the swimming program, Ms. Kali Tevid and Mr. Sochai Ucherbelau from Basketball introduced basketball skills of dribbling and basic techniques, followed by introduction to the games of volleyball and grass volleyball lead by Coach Saki and his team.

 All the sports activities were held all day on Saturday March 25th, and concluded at 4pm, and the Teams with the youths, went on a traditional tour to visit the historical sites of Angaur and learn about the sites and the significant importance of the sites.  During the sports events, the Secretary General of the Palau NOC, with Judy Otto, a member/treasurer of the Palau NOC board, and Marcy Andrew, Manager of the Palau NOC Office and a control officer for Medical Commission for the NOC, had an opportunity to also present and share with the participants and event supports about the work of the Palau NOC, with highlights on the Olympic values, the meaning of the Olympic Rings and its representation and the values and missions statements/objectives of the Palau NOC.

 After the event concluded the Palau NOC with Palau Basketball Federation, Palau Volleyball Federation and Palau Swimming Federation donated 2 basketballs, one rim, two table tennis sets, and the Palau Volleyball Federation donated and launch for the first time with two new FIVB Beach Volleyball Balls to the youths of Anguar through Ucheliuar Youth Organizations and the students and youths in Angaur.

 The Palau NOC, Ucheliuar Youth Organizations with the Palau Basketball Federation, Palau Volleyball Federation, and Palau Swimming Association wish to extend appreciation to everyone who made this weekend South Shore Beach Games in Angaur possible – and especially Kudos to the following:  Division of Marine Law, Ministry of Justice, Office of the Governor of Angaur, Ucheliaur Youth Organization members and parents, Angaur Legislators and staff, Angaur community, CAPE, all the participants, volunteers and families.   For more information about Palau NOC Beach Games outreach programs, please contact the Palau NOC Office at 488-6562 or visit the Palau NOC Office at the Palau National Gym.

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