For Immediate Press Release

The Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC) and all respective National Sports Federations members held its 21st Annual General Meeting on Thursday December 10th, 2020, at Palau Royal Resort. The meeting was attended by all board members of the Palau NOC and representatives from 13 national sports federations in Palau.

Other members at the meeting, included members of the various Commissions of the NOC programs such as the Medical Commission, Athletes Commission and Education Committee. The meeting highlighted activities of the Olympic programs this year and various activities hosted by the respective National Sports Federations. The general assembly provided an opportunity for all sports members to present reports and calendar of events for sports in year 2020 and 2021

. The various sports Commissions and specific programs from the National Olympic Committee also made presentations at the meetings. The main agenda of the meeting covered the pandemic situation in Palau and how to move forward with the preparations of the athletes to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 and other upcoming events next year. Palau  NOC would like to take this opportunity to recognizes all State Government and respective Governors, the National Government and many sponsors, partners of sports for their continued contributions and ongoing support to sports for all throughout Palau. Palau NOC also congratulate all athletes for their efforts and performance that have continued to improve and to all families and friends of athletes “thank you” for all your commitment and support.

The Annual General Meeting of the Palau NOC is held every year in November based on its charter. All relevant documents for the 21st General Assembly of Palau NOC and National Sports Federations can be obtained at Palau NOC Office located at the      Palau National Gymnasium or request to email at


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