On Wednesday October 7th, 4 students from Airai have each received a 500-dollar scholarship and accepting it on their behalf was their parents. The 4 students who received the scholarship are Chealsey Daniel majoring in Business Administration at Eastern Oregon University, Vivica Nakamura who is taking Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance at Hawaii Pacific University, Sambal Tkoel who majors in Civil Engineering at Honolulu Community College, and Chiarra Daniel who is pursuing Marine Biology at Palau Community College.
The scholarship which was started by Senator Frank Kyota aims to help students residing in Airai who want to pursue a college level education. Going on its 7th year, the scholarship has helped many students.
Dilkot Kay Williams and Tamara Johanes were previous recipients of this scholarship as well. Both pursued their studies in the Philippines with Ms. Williams who majored in Radiology Technology at Cebu Doctor’s University while Ms. Johanes took Accounting Technology at the Adventist University. Both have said that the scholarship has helped them with their expenses in school.
Now, both have completed their education and are in Palau. Tamara has worked at the Public Auditor Office, Penthouse Hotel, and Surangel and Son’s Company. While Dilkot is looking forward to working at the Belau National Hospital.
Senator Kyota encourage students to pursue higher learning saying that “it is the key to success”. He also said that they will keep giving out the scholarship to the in Airai that are interested in pursuing a higher education saying that “there success is our success.”
Alfonsa Koshiba can be contacted for more information about applying for the scholarship.

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