Strengthening response capacity to coronavirus across the tiny island nation
As we approach the one-year mark since the first COVID-19 cases were reported around the globe, Palau still remains coronavirus-free. Yet, like other countries in the Pacific, the Government of Palau is sourcing emergency supplies and equipment to prevent any possible spread of the virus.
In response to Palau’s urgent needs, the Government of India joined forces with UNOPS in support of the Palau Ministry of Health to equip health workers on the front lines with air-purifying respirators as a safeguard against contaminated air. Under this project, Palau has also received a heavy-duty vehicle for safe transport of medical waste and its disposal at the hospitals.
This assistance does not only serve to support Palau’s immediate response against the pandemic, but also seeks to enhance Palau’s overall capacity to provide primary healthcare to its citizens.
“Through the physical rehabilitation of three community health centers, UNOPS, together with the Palau Ministry of Health, will strengthen the quality of healthcare, which leaves no one behind, and continue supporting response efforts to this deadly virus,” stated Thomas Blaich, UNOPS Project Manager.
The project promises strengthened healthcare, better working conditions for healthcare workers, and greater access to care for Palauans.

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