The Ministry of Health (MOH), along with the Civic Action Team (CAT), will conduct free health screening tonight for walk-in patients, at the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC) in Medalaii, Koror.
The screening will involve checkups conducted by the new Civic Action Team (CAT) medical doctor, Major Sarah Smilow, who recently arrived in Palau with other replacement CAT personnel. Nurses from
MOH will assist in conducting bloodwork, while Major Smilow will see patients individually, to provide care and prevention consultation for communicable and non-communicable diseases.
The clinic will be open to walk-in patients from 5pm to 9pm.
Educational consultation will be provided on a wide range of diseases, such as tuberculosis, Hansen’s Disease, STD’s, and Hepatitis B and C, as well as monitoring blood sugar and blood pressure, and screening for unhealthy tobacco or alcohol use.
The MOH has recently demonstrated a renewed campaign to increase community awareness of unhealthy conditions and nutritional education.
On the last day of 2020, then-Minister of Health Emais Roberts pointed out that many people in Palau are living with unhealthy conditions without knowing it, and stressed a greater need for heightened communication between Palau’s healthcare professionals and the Palau’s communities.
“The way it is now, many times a diabetic or hypertension person stays in the community, and they think they’re fine,” said Dr. Roberts. “And then when the ambulance takes them to the hospital . . . they have to go through a referral, because in between nobody takes care of them.”
The MOH has since announced its determination to start conducting prevention programs and health seminars to people in Palau, along with the rehabilitations of primary healthcare facilities in the different States.
Last month, four medical professionals from Shin Kong Wo Ho-Su Memorial Hospital in Taipei, in collaboration with the MOH, performed specialized treatment in pediatrics, orthopedics, family medicine, and pharmacy counselling throughout the different States of Palau.

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