The newly elected legislator of Aimeliik State, Lucio Oisebokel Obakerbau, failed to take his seat in the 12th Aimeliik Legislature yesterday after half of its members failed to show up for the session to approve his credentials before he takes his oath of office.

Per legislative procedure, the legislature must adopt a resolution approving a new member’s credentials before he or she can be sworn into office. With eight (8) members split into two opposing factions, the four that showed up for the session did not have a quorum to conduct business.

The legislators that showed up for the session were Acting Speaker Alvin Aisamerael, Floor Leader Jason Techur Timulch, Legislator Scott Weers Erungel, and Legislator Kolas Eriich.

“Legislator Larry Mamis and Wridan Seklii both called the Clerk to say they couldn’t come to the session. They did not give any reasons for not attending. Legislator Leilani Senior and Legislator Kyle Ongesii just didn’t show up,” reported Floor Leader Jason Techur Timulch.

The speakership of the 12th Aimeliik Legislature has been fought over by the two factions. The previous speaker Jefferson Eriich was with Legislators Aisamerael, Timulch, Erungel, and Eriich and had the majority. The other faction, with Legislators Senior, Ngiralmau, Mamis, and Ongesii, lost the speakership. This faction once again seeks the speakership but failed to get 5 legislators behind their candidate.

Without a majority, the newly elected legislator may be prevented from fulfilling the wishes of the electorate that voted him into office. (by: L.N. Reklai)

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