29 December 2022 The Australian Embassy is proud to announce the 2023 Australia Awards Scholarship Recipients – Ms Hannah Fakatou and Ms Mizora Nakamura. 

Ms Fakatou will commence her studies in January 2023 at the University of Newcastle, studying Masters in Cybersecurity.  Ms Nakamura will also commence her studies in January 2023 at Griffith College, studying Bachelors in Psychology. 

The 2023 intake round was highly competitive with over 15 applicants, the Australian Embassy congratulates both Ms Fakatou and Ms Nakamura for securing a scholarship offer. The scholarships will pave the way for their future careers and provide them with valuable knowledge, skills and networks in Australia and around the world which will contribute to the long-term development objectives of Palau. 

As recipients of the Australia Awards Scholarship, the Australia Awards Family welcomes Ms Fakatou and Ms Nakamura.

Congratulations to both scholars!

For AAS information, please visit www.palau.embassy.gov.au. For further information lease contact the Australian Embassy, Palau at 488-4628 or palau.projects@dfat.gov.au

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