As the fall 2022 semester ends and the Palauan students are getting ready to begin their winter/spring 2023 semester, Palau National Scholarship Board is ready to disburse over $1.3 million in financial assistance to recipients.  PNSB recipients are generally awarded based on one academic year. The award is paid in two equal installments to ensure that students do enroll in college as planned.  The first half of the PNSB award is paid out at the beginning of fall semester.

 The second half is disbursed at the beginning of spring semester as soon as the recipient provides his/her fall grades AND class schedule for winter quarter or spring semester. Over 208 students have been awarded some type of financial assistance from the Palau National Scholarship Board.  PNSB Vice-Chairperson Meked Besebes on behalf of the Scholarship Board would like to congratulate all the fall 2022 graduates and encourage them to consider internship opportunities available in Palau through the Palau National Scholarship Office. The next deadline for summer internships is April 1, 2023.

  Student Network Specialist, Ms. Morisang Udui is available to assist college graduates with internship opportunities and job referrals in the Republic of Palau. College graduates are required to submit official transcripts with their degree posted to PNSB as soon as possible.   Check out for information on PNSB programs and summer internship opportunities.

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