“The true character of a society is revealed by how it treats its children.  ~ NELSON MANDELA

I chose to believe in Jesus Christ the Son of the living GOD, the Great I AM, by reasoning: If I die and there is heaven and hell I’ve made the right choice. If nothing, well, who cares. Even  though I grew up in a Christian home, I didn’t believe.  It was merely a part of culture at home. Through the years I ventured out looking for Something or Someone to fill the void in my life. I tried all kinds of groups and religions. Nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes.  Nothing really captured my soul so I just stopped. This is why I believe God found me, not the other way around. Since then I’ve been pursuing, getting to know this GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Its been one heck of a ride!  Twenty-eight years so far. Lots of bumps,  slippery slopes, sharp turns,  rivers to cross, mountains to climb. Songs to sing and books to read. New faces to meet. It’s never easy, but worth every step. And its all because of Christmas.

Yesterday I asked God, “LORD, how many Christmases must I go through until you come. How long, oh LORD? I know you’re incredibly patient and kind,  wanting all to come to you. So may I please think out loud? Is it any wonder people are restless,  frustrated, and angry in spite of all those positive quotes floating around? There are too many toxic positivities, sweet talkers and empty promises.  Like those TV evangelists and preachers that promise good life and prosperity just by believing and giving money to them. They’re like magicians calling shots treating you as the man behind the curtain in the sky doing all the tricks. What freaking lies! 

Important issues seem to fade into nothing as if in denial of  damages done to our children’s mental and emotional health; because of all kinds of abuse and neglect. You know, Jesus, there’re a couple of unsolved murder cases over 20 years old plus a missing woman still not found.  I have wondered if the powers that be care.  Are we this gullible?  Youth violence in the streets, domestic violence, fights in school buses, classrooms, and adults fighting at funerals are at a rampant. It looks like they hear and they forget. I know you see and you hear all things. Please Lord Jesus intervene. Please help us. And bless our president and all the elected leaders with wisdom. Fill their hearts with love and compassion for the children.

I used to count days till Christmas right after Thanksgiving Day with much excitement and joy. I even plan on spending money. And I don’t like spending money. I did a lot of planning and I baked and baked. I listened to Christmas carols thinking ~~ how sweet it is to hear and sing along songs written hundreds of years ago. They are still beautiful and still relevant. These days I’m  anticipating the second advent so I can go on to new adventures.

In the meantime, I’m trying to make it through the day with you GOD.  You’re never far away.  I’m so weary and my mind is somewhere other than here. Positive quotes reminding us to focus on the positive side of life. I have no qualms about positivity but it’s like eating sugar all the time. Illusions are dangerous because they have no flaws.

I believe things will get worse before they get better. 

Happy Christmas 🎄

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