In conjunction with the Earth Day Celebrations, the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) held their GREEN FAIR activities from April 17-20, 2018. With this year’s theme; “End Plastic Pollution“, PVA worked closely with each state and other partner agencies to organize community activities for their benefit, as well as smart solutions to lessen the use of plastic materials and by using local products.

On April 17th to 18th, PVA conducted a weaving workshop led by two experts from Irimote Island, Japan; Ms. Harumi Tokuoko and Mr. Kimimochi Hosi. Held at the Ngardmau State Botanical Garden, participants learned how to harvest and weave Itouch (local fern) into attractive baskets.

The annual GREEN FAIR was held on April 20th at Ernguul Central Park from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Activities included display and sale of plants, as well as sales of gardening and farming tools with discounted prices by our local hardware stores. The Plant Contest for Medicinal and Ornamental categories featured the butcherchar (medicinal) and ixoria (ornamental). PVA extends their appreciation to the following judges who selected the top three winners for both categories; Wilmor Maala from the Palau Pacific Resort, Ann Kitalong, author of Palau Primary Health Care Manual, and Hartman Ybelmar of the Taiwan Technical Mission.

Medicinal Category (Butcherchar)

1st place Julie Jiro         $125 prize

2nd place Helen Moros        $75 prize

3rd place Mina Saiske        $50 prize

Ornamental Category (Kerdeu)

1st place     Raynalyn Isaol $125 prize

2nd place Romana Basilius    $75 prize

3rd place Mina Saiske        $50 prize

Generous donations from the community were given as raffle prizes, some of which included a green machine from Surangel & Sons Company’s Mason Hardware, and other gifts and green incentives from ACE Hardware, Palau Pacific Resort, Taiwan Technical Mission, Katey’s Healing Garden, Palau National Communications Corporation, Bank of Guam, IP&E Palau, Palasia Hotel Palau, IMPAC Tours and FUN Palau.

Another benefit of holding the GREEN FAIR is that plant growers can sell and display their products, giving them the opportunity to meet individuals or large businesses who are interesting in buying or renting plants. A green destination is truly a beautiful one, PVA thanks the following plant growers and vendors who participated in the GREEN FAIR: Mason’s Hardware, The GEF Small Grants Programme, PCC/CRE, Taiwan Technical Mission, Belau Art Gallery, Palau Pacific Resort, Omung Association, Palau Pottery Association, Senior Citizens Center, Tomoko’s Mom (local food), Grace Tkel, Maria Kumangai, Daily Harvest, L’amarena Gelato, Bonsai Booth, Nutrition Corner, Johaina Grace, Eledui Tkel, Ekei Market, and Koror State Government Solid Waste Management Program.

For more information, please contact Kate or Api at the PVA office at 488-1930/2793. (PR)