In honor of Earth Day, Meketii Hamlet youth, with support from Koror State Government officials, members of the 11th Koror State Legislature, Ongiall affiliates, and private sector partners, took time out on Saturday to collect marine debris that had accumulated over the years at T-dock.

This eight-hour initiative concentrated on the marine area known as Uang, at the center of T-dock.

As a way to measure the results of their efforts, Meketii Youth took time to count each piece of garbage that was pulled out of the ocean.

The trash recovered included 349 soda pop/beer cans, 180 glass bottles, 104 plastic water bottles, 53 bottle caps, 44 soda pop tabs, 36 old vehicle tires, tin roofing, shoes, and miscellaneous plastics, metal, and rubber items.

Meketii Legislator R. Eledui Omelau was grateful for the collaborative effort to carry out what turned out to be a laborious undertaking.  Due to the ocean depth and the amount of bulky items on the seabed, scuba tanks, floaters, and kayaks were necessary to bring the garbage up to the surface.

According to Legislator Omelau, “This was a great way to bring the community and partners together to clean up our environment and remind everyone of the historically valuable role T-dock has played for residents, community partners, and the wider public.”

This initiative is a great example of a public-private partnership through administrative support from the Office of Governor Franco Gibbons, along with Leslie Tewid and Director Jennifer Olkeriil, Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement.

In addition, Speaker Alan T. Marbou and Legislator Jennifer Sugiyama joined Meketii Legislator Omelau to organize and provide staff support at the clean up. Long Rainbow Tour and 83 Tour Company contributed kayaks and staff to assist with the clean up.  Bringing it all together were members of Ongiall, who prepared the BBQ for the team of individuals who came out to help. (PR)