By: L.N. Reklai

February 6, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Groups consisting of members of Palau Chamber of Commerce, Nurses Association, government representatives and Palau Labor Advisory Council requested International Labor Organization (ILO) representatives   to study the impact of the proposed minimum wage bill during an ILO mission visit to Palau last week.


Representatives of the various groups believe that the study will provide “evidence based research” that will provide decision makers on how an increase in minimum wage will affect the Republic.

The ILO mission led by Mr. Sameer Khatiwada and Ms. Surkafa F Katafono sought audience with representatives of the employees and employers in Palau to discuss the draft labor law being drafted in conjunction with Palau Labor Advisory Group (PLAG).

“ILO will be contracting a lawyer to create a list of recommendations regarding a labor law and draft a new labor law. They will hire this lawyer after PLAG approves of their credentials,” stated press release issued by the Palau Chamber of Commerce yesterday.

Meanwhile, Senate introduced Senate bill 10-6 to establish a Ministry of Labor, to remove Division of Labor from the Ministry of Justice and create a separate Ministry to be called Ministry of Labor.

The bill tasked the Ministry with same tasks already handled by the Division of Labor but states that separating the Ministry of Labor will dedicate staff and resources to just deal with labor related matters. [/restrict]