Nothing like a friendly game of softball to relax and create network and friendship among colleagues and new friends. Koa Moana 20 marines enjoyed a lively game of softball hosted by the US Embassy after yielding negative results for COVID-19.
The two-day event, brought together the Koa Moana Soldiers, Civic Action Team, members of the US Embassy, and some local Palauans to engage in a friendly game of softball.
The tournament consisted of 6 teams: Belau Force, CAT Team, US Embassy, Salty Clams (Koa Moana members), Los Popies (Koa Moana members), and Team Peleliu (Koa Moana members).
On the first day of tournament at August 15th both Team Peleliu and Belau Force dominated the softball matches. Team Peleliu won against Salty Clams and US Embassy while Belau Force defeated Los Popies and CAT Team.
Team Peleliu and Belau Force went head to head, Team Peleliu managed to snag victory.
On the second day of the tournament on August 16th, the losing teams had an opportunity to play again and to go against Team Peleliu in the final championship.
In the first round, Los Popies defeated US Embassy while CAT Team won against the Salty Clams. The CAT Team continued on their winning streak by beating Los Papies. However, CAT Team lost against Belau Force in the final match of the loser’s bracket.
Belau Force and Team Peleliu went head to head again at the championship game with Belau Force winning the championship.
Koa Moana and her crew will remain in Palau until the end of the month to complete the Angaur project.

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