A repatriated citizen of Kosrae State of FSM who arrived from Guam on Monday had
COVID-19 positive test result on Wednesday. The individual was tested twice via the
NAAT/PCR test and the result was positive despite not showing any symptoms or
According to report from FSM, the individual has been placed in isolation room. Since
arriving in Kosrae, the individual and 17 fellow passengers have been in quarantine and
have not had contact with general public. The 17 passengers that arrived with the
individual have all been tested and their quarantine period reset as they have been in
contact with the covid positive passenger.
Kosrae State government and FSM national government held virtual meeting with Dr.
Thane from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the case.
Report says that Dr. Thane that the confirmed case should not cause panic.
All frontline workers who came in contact with the individuals have been tested and will be
tested in 48 hours.
FSM President Panuelo urged FSM citizens to remain calm and to have trust in the Kosrae
State government and to get their COVID vaccine as soon as possible.
Kosrae State government intends to conduct antigen test to determine if the individual is
The Kosrae COVID-19 Taskforce has moved Kosrae from COVID Condition 4 to Condition 3
which means that health screenings of frontliners will include their families and that
passenger will not be allowed to disembark. In an event of community transmission, all
public gatherings will be prohibited and curfew from 9pm to 6am will be in force.
Facemasks will be used at all times in any public place or public gatherings.

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