The Ministry of Education (MOE) together with teachers and volunteers from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) conducted an “Open Class” activity at the Peleliu Elementary School (PES) on April 25.

An Open class program allows educators to share insights and strategies that will help them enhance their skills in teaching a particular subject.

Sixteen educators observed the class of PES teacher Vernie Ngiraked, who was teaching Math to third graders. After the class, the group then conducted an evaluation to determine the good points and areas of improvement of the teacher.

“We also expect the teachers to think about their own classes and share some ideas through discussion,” a statement from JICA which was furnished to Island Times read.

JICA had previously started this program among schools assisted by JICA volunteers and it aims to get other teachers to try out the program.

The Open Class program was started by JICA at the Koror Elementary School, under teacher Valeria Rengulbai’s class, on September 25, 2015.

Teacher Ngiraked’s class in PES was the 13th class that participated in the Open Class program. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)