Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch along with Sonsorol State Governor Laura Miles and Tobi State Governor Huana Nestor held a Town Hall Meeting on May 8, 2018 in Echang, Koror to plan for Kebeas eradication activities in their respective states.

The initiative was headed by the Ministry of Health in line with President Tommy Remengesau’s proclamation for this year as the “Year of Good Health”.

The Kebeas eradication is an initiative to help Palau’s vegetation from invasive species and also to complement the Year of Good Health in partnership with the state governments.

The MOJ was assigned Southwest States and will work with MNRET and MPIIC in the Kebeas eradication efforts.

As part of the Year of Good Health initiatives by the Ministry of Health, a presentation was made on the NCD Hybrid Report findings by NCD Coordinator, Calvin Johanes also reveals that three out of four people in Palau are overweight or obese, and 49% of the population only engages in low level exercise activities. Minister of Health Dr. Roberts stated in his remarks that the Kebeas eradication activities will be a chance for all state citizens to come together and work as a community and at the same time get the physical exercise that we need to improve our health.

Vice President and Minister Oilouch said that MOJ stands ready to assist MOH, MNRET, and MPIIC and do its part in the Kebeas eradication on our pristine paradise environment. Plans are underway to first clear Kebeas in Echang; and a trip to the Southwest states to clear invasive species is also in the works. (PR)