By Rhealyn C. Pojas

Following the recent dismissal of two drug trafficking cases by the Palau Court based on failure to comply with the Speedy Trial, Vice President and Justice Minister Raynold Oilouch said that he was informed by the assistant Attorney General that a motion to reconsider the dismissal of the two drug trafficking cases had been filed.

In an interview with the media on Thursday, Oilouch said that he was in Geneva to represent Palau in the International Organization for Migration (IOM) when he learned about the news, adding that it was “very disappointing” for him and that he felt totally unhappy about the outcome of the two cases.

Upon his return, Oilouch said that he had immediately met with the Attorney General and the Prosecutor.

“I was told that it was filed by the previous attorney, who again left, and the new attorney came in and I guess they just fill through the cracks,” Oilouch said.

The current administration had been very vocal about their zero tolerance policy against illegal drugs and those who are dealing with it.

Previously, separate charges of One Count of Trafficking a Controlled Substance and one count of Conspiracy to Traffic filed against defendants Stephen Kual Kochi also known as Stephen Kual Pettit and Kalingo Kangichi were dismissed by the court due to failure to comply with the Speedy Trial.

The Speedy Trial Act states that in any case in which a plea of not guilty is entered, the defendant’s trial shall begin within 70 days from the date that the accused has appeared before a judge or justice.

Island Times is yet to obtain the copy of the motion.