(02 MARCH 2017) The Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) has opened a new head office in one of the world’s most competitive shipping markets in Piraeus, Greece, as part of the expansion plans; the new office will complement the US Houston, Texas offices.


The new Piraeus office along with our network of Registrars with detailed knowledge and experience of ship management, inspection, engineering and crew management in the China, Cyprus, UAE, Germany, India, Japan, Egypt, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Panama, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, and Ukraine assures that we can offer 24/7 support for clients.

Panos Kirnidis, CEO of PISR says, “We have spent time finding and employing people around the shipping world who add value to our services and come with a sense of dedication we demand. During the years of our operations we have come into contact with many professionals whose skills we now use for our clients. We have more than 30 Deputy Registrars worldwide and if needed, we can source surveyors, engineers and legal experts to handle any issue that arises for ship owners and managers. We have no concerns about our global reach for any of our services.”

Panos Kirnidis sees the move to Greece as a strong indication of the Registry’s commitment to the Greek and European shipping sectors as well as providing worldwide support for ship-owners.

“Greece has always played an important part in the world of shipping and Palau Registry recognizes this. This is why we have opened our Piraeus head office to ensure we can provide ship-owners and managers with a dedicated and reliable solution to the challenges they face. Our registration services are proving to be smoother, faster and even more efficient as we face the demands of the new shipping industry.”

“The shipping world is changing rapidly and so we have adapted and moved with the needs of our clients. They want a registry that works when they need it and that’s what Palau Registry is. We understand their challenges and can offer not only advice but also strong solutions to keep them at sea. Moving our head office to Greece shows we appreciate the breadth of our work and the scale of operations needed to become a world class leading Registry,” said Panos Kirnidis.

“As an active member with permanent delegation to both the IMO and ILO, Palau Registry has set the standard for participation and ratification of all major treaties and conventions. With an array of fast, reliable and effective registration methods, as well as technical and seafarer documentation services, Palau Registry follows the highest maritime standards and is strategically designed to play a key role in the shipping industry in years to come.

The Palau Registry was created by an amendment to the Title 7 of the Republic of Palau National Code in 2010 and was appointed by the government of the Republic of Palau as the Ship Registry Administrator. The world class ship Registry provides administrative, legal and technical support; documenting the ship and registering it under the Flag of the Republic of Palau. [/restrict]