The mobile animal sterilization (spay and neuter) clinic for 2022 held in Ngarchelong March 01-04 was a success due to a multi-agency partnership. Pictured Governor Richard Ngiratrang, Dave Smith, Kaylee Giramur, Dr. Pamela Hernandez, Murphy Wasisang, and Judy Otto.

Palau Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) held its second mobile spay and neuter clinic, S.N.I.P. (Spay Neuter In Palau), for 2022 in the Beautiful state of Ngarchelong thisMarch1st – 4th. The clinic was a great success, offering spay and neuter services and general animal health services to many dogs and cats.

The clinic was possible as a result of partnership between PAWS and PalauPets Plus. PAWS thanks Dave Smith of PalauPetsPlus who helped the PAWS team with their four-day clinic up north. Funding for these deeply discounted spay and neuter surgeries was provided by the Australian Embassy, Direct Aid Program.

PAWS promotes sterilization of dogs and cats, both males and females, which helps control the overpopulation crisis in Palau, resulting in otherwise hundreds of healthy animals being unnecessarily euthanized each year.  Sterilization also helps protect Palau’s unique biodiversity and promotes human health via improved animal health. Animals that are spayed (female) and neutered (male), will live a longer, healthier life – no complications from pregnancy and males won’t roam or fight in search of females!

PAWS is organizing more mobile clinics that will bring spay and neuter services close to people and their pets.  If you would like PAWS to bring S.N.I.P. to your state, please give us a call!

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