The Palau National Telecommunications Corporation (PNCC) will rollout a mobile network upgrade starting July. 

In a letter to Senator Kerai Mariur, chair of the Senate Committee on Energy Public Utilities and Communication, PNCC CEO Simor Fraser said that the upgrade will alleviate congestion experienced by subscribers in Koror and Airai.

He said that the upgrade will be the first of its kind in five years and aimed at “enhancing quality and reliability of telecommunications service in Palau.”

The upgrade will involve the renewal of a mobile network license in the amount of USD 355,748 and additional new carriers to increase the capacity of cell sites.

The work is expected to start in July, first upgrading the network license and then hardware and software upgrades. 

He added that the upgrade is expected to last for three months and ensures customers that there will be minimal service disruptions. 

Customers though will expect service outages but will be done minimally.  

“The benefits of this upgrade extend far beyond just improved service quality for our current customers.” 

The upgrade is also in anticipation of the growing number of tourists in the country. 

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