A number of police officers have tested positive for meth after random testing conducted last week. 

Vice President and Minister of Justice Uduch Sengebau-Senior confirmed the information saying that she was informed by BPB Director Cary Levitre yesterday of the results from the random testing and was also told the officers tested positive for methamphetamine or “ice” will be terminated.

Information received by Island Times said nine (9) police officers tested positive, but official sources did not confirm this number yesterday.

The random tests took place on July 17, 18, and 19, and according to sources, many officers tested positive for marijuana and ice.  “Yeah, many tested positive, but nothing has been done.  They are still working,” revealed an officer at BPS.

According to Vice President and Minister Sengebau-Senior,  BPS rules state that a person that tests positive for meth or “ice” will be terminated.

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