L-R: Colby Mellil, Noe Yalap, Morisang Teriong, Del. Yutaka Gibbons, Justice Taima, Dilkot Williams, and Meked Besebes.

Palau is blessed to welcome four Palauan university graduates who completed their higher education degrees in the Philippines. These graduates have returned home after long period of quarantine in the Philippines, Taiwan and Palau.  These young and highly educated Palauans are recipients of the spring 2021 PNSB Palau National Scholarship Board PFA Palau Fellowship Award (Internship Program) and will soon complete their 2-month internship in their chosen field.

In a recent Forum titled “Joining Palau’s Workforce with Critical Skills and Knowledge” held on February 23, 2021 these PNSB interns were given the opportunity to share their internship experience to a small audience made up of Delegate Yutaka Gibbons, Jr.-Chairman of the HOD Committee on Education & Youth Affairs, Ms. Meked Besebes -PNSB member, and Ms. Chur L. Oiph – Scholarship Coordinator.  Through the use of technology, these interns took turns showcasing what they learned and experienced during their internship at the Belau National Hospital and Special Education Program. Afterwards they were prised and congratulated for their professionalism in the delivery of their presentations.

PNSB is grateful for the many host employers especially MOH- Belau National Hospital Dept of Medical Laboratory and Dept. of Radiology for hiring these interns as regular employees.  PNSB continues to encourage high school students to do well in school and avail the many scholarships offered Palauan citizens during their senior year in high school. PNSB Scholarships come in many different sources to enable students to apply in  order to pursue their studies in higher education in many field that Palau needs in the future such as these medical profession that these interns have earned their degrees in.

Anyone interested to learn more about the PNSB Internship Program may contact Noe Yalap at tel. 488-3608 or email pnsbinternship@gmail.com.


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