Presidential Proclamation 21-308 declares October 23 to January as Red Ribbons and White Ribbons months signifying the fight against alcohol and drug abuse and a campaign to end violence against women and children.

“Our goal is the protection of everyone, the public, that is why we will conduct different activities to remind the public to be safe and enjoy safely,” stated Director Ishmael Aguon of the Bureau of Public Safety.

White Ribbon signifies efforts to combat violence against women and children as a result of alcohol and drug abuse and law enforcement including other community groups will be working to educate and raise awareness to reduce or remove this from society.

Red Ribbon signifies efforts to eliminate drug and alcohol abuse and to encourage people to commit to drug and alcohol-free lifestyles.

The proclamation was signed on Wednesday by President Whipps who reiterated keeping Palauans in good mental and physical health.

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