Despite the challenges COVID-19 has presented, the Japan funded Enhancing Disaster and Climate Resilience Project and the United Nations Development Program Pacific Office have given a series of donations were given to the government of Palau through a short handover ceremony at the National Weather Service Office on August 14th.

The project aims to improve the capacity for preparedness and mitigation of Palau’s resilience to human-made, geo-physical, climate and other related hazards and enhancing resilience to climate change impact.

The contents of the donation totaling to $341,000 include: a utility boat with accessories and an SUV for use by the National Emergency Management Office, Search and rescue equipment for Division of Fire and Rescue under the Ministry of Justice, 1 SUV will be handed over to the Bureau of Cultural and Historical Preservation, and 1 pick-up truck donated to the National Weather Service Office.

During Ambassador Karasawa’s remarks at the handover ceremony, he said that “the lack of vehicles for transportation has been one of the big concerns and I’m sure that it will enable Palau to respond effectively to natural disasters.”

Country Project Coordinator for the United Nations Development Program Aleyna Valdez added that “despite the unanticipated challenges with COVID-19, we are increasing our efforts to remain unified in our goal to assist Palau officials with the necessary supplies and skills to continue protecting the Palauan people.”

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