On September 24, 2020, Ambassador Wallace M.G Chow of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Palau donates 100 tons of Taiwan’s good quality white rice to the Palau government. Minister of Natural Resources, Environment & Tourism Umiich Sengebau, and Minister of Education Sinton Soalablai accepted the donation on behalf of the government of Palau.

The donated 100 tons of white rice, in 30 kg sacks took five 20 foot containers to transport from Taiwan to Palau. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs, and Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Tourism, and immigration authority will distribute the donated rice in the following days.

Ambassador Chow disclosed that he noticed an unknown group claiming as Taiwan related organization has donated rice to some states in the past few months. Ambassador Chow took this opportunity to clarify that this 100 tons of white rice is the first and only white rice donation from the government of Taiwan this year.  The government and the people of Taiwan hope this donation will help Palau residents in need to overcome this pandemic difficult time.

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