Taiwan last week reported two locally transmitted cases of COVID-19, one doctor and a nurse. According to reports from Taiwan, a 30-year old doctor is suspected to have acquired the virus from his patient that had COVID-19.
Reports also said that after contacting and testing 464 people in the hospital that the doctor may have come in contact with, only other person was tested positive, and it’s a nurse who is also a girlfriend of the doctor and lives with him.
They’ve also contacted 56 other people that the same doctor may have had contact with outside of the hospital. Of that number 14, have been tested and all test negative except for the girlfriend, who was tested positive. The results from others were not yet available.
Taiwan has been very good at managing COVID-19 both at borders and within the country. Since the outbreak started until now, Taiwan has had 855 cases, 755 have recovered and 7 deaths.
Meanwhile Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu and his delegation are expected this week to attend the inauguration of president-elect Surangel Whipps and the 11th national government. 72 hours prior to arrival, all will be tested and upon arrival, will be tested again, according to last report from EOC.
Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts stated that Taiwan is COVID safe but not COVID free. It has been very good at capturing cases at the border and managing local transmissions but it is not COVID free and recommends continued vigilance and exercising of safe practices to ensure Palau remains COVID free.
Presently, Palau continues with COVID-19 vaccination program made possible under the United States Operation Warp Speed program. As of yesterday, a total of 1,580 people had received the first dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, roughly 9% of the population. Second dose will be administered to each person 28 days after receiving the first dose. Up to 30,000 doses are pledged to Palau under the US Operation Warp Speed vaccine program.

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