By Francis Talasasa


The Republic of China (ROC) Taiwan is on the look to pursue further on bilateral partnerships with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) after ASEAN had become Taiwan’s second-largest export market and second-largest investment destination.


A statement revealed, the relationships they both share so far has expanded to technology, tourism, education, labor, culture and other areas.

To meet the challenges of regional economic integration, the executive Yuan has reassessed Taiwan’s external economic strategy and set forth “New Southbound Policy Promotion Plan” based on guidelines announced by President Tsai-Ing-wen.

While promoting regional exchanges and collaborations, they are aiming to build a new model of economic development for Taiwan, repositioning Taiwan as an important player in Asia’s growth, and create new value for the future.

Taiwan’s four main tasks are Promoting Economic Collaboration, Conduct Talent Exchange, Share Resources and Forge Regional Links.

The promotion plan will integrate the resources and strengths of central government agencies, local governments and private companies and organization.

By linking all the components together, Taiwan is expecting to create a new model of economic development and help drive growth and prosperity for the entire region. [/restrict]