By: L.N. Reklai

Palau Public Utilities Corporation continues to ask public for patience, especially with traffic problem as the water improvement project progresses.

“We ask the public to please be patient and observe road signs and traffic controllers,” appeals Johnny Kintaro, PPUC Public Information Officer during a recent press conference.


“We understand that this really impacts the public but it is temporary.  These projects have time tables and they are temporary.  The water improvement project will replace the 80 year old pipes, remove dangerous asbestos pipes, improve the water pressure and reduce our overall operating cost,” he added.

According to Mr. Kintaro, in addition to water improvement, the sewer improvement project which will be starting next year, will continue to add to traffic congestion.

“We are working in collaboration with Public Works, contractors and other stakeholders to find ways to expedite the project and minimize the traffic as much as possible.  We meet each month to address many of these concerns,” he said.

The water improvement project which is a grant aid from Japan, will replace the main transmission pipes, connect water from Airai to Ngerkesoal water tank, replace smaller distribution lines in the hamlets of Koror among other major improvement to water system in Koror, according to PPUC report.

The sewer improvement project which will start construction next year, includes new pump stations, replacement of main sewer distribution lines, new sewer treatment plants at Malakal- Koror and Kesebelau-Airai

According to Johnny Kintaro, these water and sewer projects were not only designed to address current problems to be able to accommodate additional development and growth until 2035. [/restrict]