(all things work together for good…) 

What comes your way that’s disheartening and cruel is just a ripple effect.  It’s there to help you see there’s something that needs to be healed.  This has always been  true to me. 

Schadenfreude is a German word meaning finding pleasure in other people’s suffering.  There are people that just can’t stand your being happy. They don’t think you deserve to be happy. They are narcissists.  Narcissists have no clue who they are – no empathy – low self-esteem.  They really do not know their genuine self.  They have no heart, it seems.  And because of this they are chronically miserable.  They want to make sure you’re unhappy because you are not them.  You don’t deserve to be happy. 

Happiness is within. If you’re happy you’ll find happy things outside of yourself and smile. If you’re not, you will make sure to destroy other’s happiness. They are killjoy.  I began to see this in real time as a teenager,  I just didn’t know what it was.  It’s like you’re talking to a friend and the unhappy just interrupt the conversation and make it all about them. I learned as a young adult to simply walk away. As an adult I simply cut them off because it can be emotionally draining.  To me life us not a contest. Life is to be lived and experienced always moving forward. If you do not want me to borrow Diaz’s infamous farewell to the mean and selfish  “goodbye diokang.” LOL

Life is too short to deal with people who don’t think of you as worthy to breathe the same air they breathe.  As a result, they are chronically miserable people always looking for a certain external rewards they believe will increase their status like expensive things, sex, power,  money, even family, and so on. Sadly, this is not enough to feel happy. Experts tell us: “They dont understand that true happiness, contentment, and fulfillment comes from within.”

Don’t let them get to you. There’s nothing wrong with your being happy.  And you’re not responsible for some delusionals their happiness.  Do whatever you can to distance yourself from them. Malevolent people will always be miserable but you don’t be.

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