Earth Week 2018 officially started with an exciting Walk n’ Pick Activity on Monday, April 16th with participants collecting trash from Koror Side of the JPF bridge to Mason’s Rock Quarry.

It was evident from the number of full trash bags that the incoming tide had brought in a substantial amount of plastic pollution into the rocks along the coastline – numerous plastic bottles, pieces of plastic containers, and even a cooler cover.

Unfortunately, most these items are made of materials that do not decompose, but rather are broken down into pieces that if ingested will accumulate in the marine organisms and humans causing harm to both the environment and our health.

Let us all continue to work together to reduce our plastic waste in order to safeguard our natural environment against the ever increasing challenge of plastic pollution.

The Walk ‘n’ Pick Activity will continue, every morning (April 17-22) at 5:30am – 6:30am in the following areas:

April 16, Monday: Koror Side to Hawaiian Rock

April 17, Tuesday: Icebox to PC

April 18, Wednesday: Skojio ra Meyuns to H.E. President’s Residence

April 19, Thursday: Btelulacha’rkemais to Neco (Dngeronger, Delui and Sechemus)

April 20, Friday: Bank of Hawaii to M-Dock (Medalaii area also)

April 21, Saturday: Ngermid Sansaro – Neco (Topside)

April 22, Sunday: Ernguul Park (Everyone will meet at Ernguul and split up and come back after for the Earth Day Celebration and program there)

Join us, exercise and help clean our environment and GET A FREE TOWEL!(PR)