The road to hell is paved with good intentions. -HENRY BOHN

VISION is always 20/20 when we look back. In hindsight, I see things I was too busy making good I didn’t see. I was unaware of my own actions and thoughts. I’ve been doing a lot of reflection where I lost sight on what I was doing – behaving – unaware of my own attitude. In fact, it took longer for my heart to know that I can’t change my attitude without changing my mind.
Most mindsets and prejudices are unconsciously controlling our life. And coming to Christ does not automatically change our unconscious mind. Our unconscionable deeds and words are what Jesus talked in Matthew 15:18. In order to be free in Christ it is vital to go deep into our souls and with the Holy Spirit guiding us we can see the rotting bittèrness, resentment, unforgiveness, envy and jealousy, shame and fear buried deep in our brain desperately in need to be released. We then can begin to grow UP and become the adult in adult body. We become real… no acting and no faking. No churchianity.9This is where many miss out in maturing as a human being because they’re stuck in the Matrix. (See the movie)
I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, seeking God with my questions ever since I was invited to a meeting I’d call the “Spanish Inquisition”. It’s where I was accused harshly of something that didn’t make sense. If they were the Holy Trinity I would have been sent to hell in chains that day. I saw later after the shock that the whole experience was the blessed disruptions that led me down the rabbit hole. Rabbit Hole is a metaphore where you are taken down into a wonderful and/or troubling adventure to find your true you and go deeper in Jesus. It can be frightening and lonely but it’s worth all your sweat and tears.
That day of the Inquisition I saw a textbook case of religious leaders in need of deep healing of their inner child that’s been neglected for years.
When the LORD said, “I stand at the door and knock …” He was not evangelizing. He was talking to the church.

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