Immediate Relief for Households Destroyed

KOROR, PALAU, April 30, 2021. During the first State of Republic Address (SORA) presented in the Senate Chamber at the Ngerulmud Capitol Complex, President Surangel Whipps Jr. announced that immediate humanitarian relief will be available for the households that suffered damages during the recent Typhoon Surigae, beginning with the hundreds of households that were destroyed resulting in the displacement of individuals and families. One Hundred Fifty Thousands US Dollars ($150,000) will be presented to Palau Red Cross Society for the immediate humanitarian relief to these households.
As an independent, non-government organization with robust fiscal reporting mechanisms, Palau Red Cross Society (PRCS) was identified and selected as the national clearing house for all donations towards Typhoon Surigae Recovery
& Relief Efforts. Under the coordination of the NEOC, the PRCS shall receive donations for the recovery efforts of Typhoon Surigae and facilitate the distribution of all humanitarian relief to appropriate beneficiaries in community following its established standard operating procedures.
As soon as the funds are received, PRCS will issue individual checks of up to $1,000 to each household that was destroyed (Category 2) during the recent typhoon. For households that suffered partial damages (Category 1) as reported in the IDAs, humanitarian relief of up to $200 will also be issued by PRCS.
PRCS will continue to work with its partners at the state level, including the PRCS RDATS and state governors, to make the checks available to the households within their respective communities. By distributing the household relief checks at the community level, PRCS is able to avoid bottlenecking at the PRCS office in Koror, as other humanitarian relief efforts are still on-going.
The National Emergency Committee continues to work vigilantly with all its members, partners, and stakeholders to ensure the response and relief efforts for the recent Typhoon Surigae are delivered efficiently and without undue delay for successful disaster management.


If you would like more information about the recovery efforts for Typhoon Surigae, please contact NEMO Office at 587-6366/6367 or email / If you would like more information about the immediate humanitarian relief financial assistance available to households, please contact Palau Red Cross Society Office at 488-5780/5781 or email

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