Ngatpang State is eyed as a possible site for a new port under the government’s Blue Prosperity Plan, said Minister Steven Victor of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery, & Environment.

A JICA assessment recommends Ngatpang as an “ideal” location for the port, said Minister Victor yesterday. “Ngatpang is an optimal site for a port as it already has a milkfish pond,” added Victor.

The government’s Blue Prosperity Plan states that Palau will need about $35 million to transition to a “sustainable future.”  Of that $35 million, $16 million is allocated for infrastructure build-up to support the planned fishery and aquaculture industries.  Of the $16 million, $11 million would build the port, and $6 million would construct aquaculture infrastructure.

According to Minister Victor, Taiwan is supportive of the Blue Prosperity Plan and will build the milkfish hatchery, one of the Blue Prosperity Plan components. 

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