21st Olechotel Belau Fair (OBF) this month will feature for the first time a Tik Tok Challenge, sponsored by the United Nations as part of the UN Day Celebration.  The UN Day will be held at the same as the OBF.

Themed “A Belau A Di Imong”, the challenge will be to have a Tik Tok video that displays or illustrates the theme.

The OBF’s objective has always been to “mengeluolu e melisiich a klechibelau er kid lokiu a ngloik, chesols, kall, ma klalou e omelisiich a deleuill” (celebrate and strengthen our Palauan culture through dances, chants and other traditional performing arts, food, arts and crafts and strengthen relationships between our people), explained Kiblas Soaladaob, Director of Bureau of Arts and Culture.

Olchotel Belau Fair and the United Nations Day celebration will feature the Parade of Nations and some activities sponsored by the United Nations, including a scavenger hunt.

The event will take place this October 24th, and Ngardmau is the hosting State. 

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