With support from the Koror State and the Koror State Department of Conservation & Law Enforcement; the Australian Embassy and community members, and representatives of the US and Japanese Embassies travelled to Ngerblobang Rock Island and collected a total of 551.3 pounds of trash.  This particular site was recommended as it is a location where international currents carry a lot of trash, onto what is otherwise a pristine island. Volunteers found many bottles, sandals and bottle caps along the beach.

After collecting as much trash as the ranger’s boat could carry, Ambassador Richelle Turner reflected on the day , “Noting the value of our oceans, not only to our economic security but also to our food security and the adverse impact of marine pollution. Everyone has a role to play in minimising waste and supporting recycling efforts to protect our oceans.”

The Embassy thanks the Koror State and Koror State Rangers for their support, and for disposing of the trash collected.

For more information, please contact the Australian Embassy, Palau on 488-4628 or koror.embassy@dfat.gov.au .

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